Terrnado Cash $TND - Deposit and Withdraw $UST and CW20 Anonymously NOW!

Dear Pylon community!

Here Terrnado Cash ($TND) Team.


Terrnado Cash, as a decentralized non-custodial protocol built on the Terra blockchain, provides its users with an opportunity to have unsupervised anonymous crypto transactions.

While using our services, users still have complete custody of their funds, and consequently are provided with a private key that allows them to access their assets at all times.

Terrnado’s smart contracts simply allow the users to deposit $UST tokens using one address for them to be later withdrawn from a different address. The transaction’s privacy is achieved by breaking the on-chain link between the source and the destination addresses.

  • Project Name: TerrnadoCash

  • Token Ticker: $TND, $sTND

  • Current Development Stage of the Project: Working product

  • Website URL: https://terrnado.cash/

  • Whitepaper URL: TerrnadoCash Whitepaper

  • Link to Social Media Channels:

    • Twitter - @TerrnadoCash
    • Medium - @terrnadocash
    • GitHub - TerrnadoCash
    • Telegram Anouncements - terrnadocash
    • Telegram Chat - terrnado_chat


  1. Use Cases:
  • Venture Capitals

Terrnado serves to improve privacy of blockchain transactions which can also be beneficial to venture capitals’ projects.

Thanks to the breakage of links between transactions it becomes impossible for other parties to trace back the further passage of the funds.

Terrnado provides its users with an easy way to break the links between transactions. This is a proven method of increasing your projects’ ability to anonymously manage vested funds .

Now it is possible to benefit from private transactions on Terra and make it difficult for other parties to track down the passage of the funds.

  • Influencers

Influencers are used to dealing with a lot of different clients and supporting multiple projects at once . In this case, it may not always be in their best interest to have a transparent history of all of their processed transactions.

Thankfully, Terrnado is here to disrupt the link between transactions and make it impossible to track your fund flow.

This breakage allows the influencers to enjoy anonymity and privacy when it comes to managing finances.

  • Teams

When being a member of a project’s team, you may also come across the problem of transparency of your fund flow . When you claim your allocations, you may not always want to share their further passage with everyone.

The best solution to this problem is covering the further passage of your claimed funds by breaking the link between transactions.

This is what makes a transaction private and can be easily achieved by using Terrnado’s services.

  • Private Investors

Most private investors have multiple blockchain projects on their radar and invest in many of them at the same time. If you don’t want all of your investments to be of public knowledge, you may want to consider improving the privacy of some of your transactions .

The proven method for improving transactions’ privacy is depositing the funds in Terrnado for them to be later withdrawn using a different address .

This breaks the link between transactions and allows you to enjoy privacy in regards to the funds that you choose to invest.

Fair distribution

We have already collected $1.2M UST on StarTerra and in terms of fair distribution we would love to collect $300k UST on Pylon Pools.

Airdrop and $MINE support

We are ready to support private transactions for $MINE (just let us know how ASAP we should deliver it :slight_smile: ). On our roadmap there is also a retrospective airdrop for users who has given a try to our Anonymizer.


Looking forward to Terrnado’s launch on Pylon. Seems like an interesting project

What do you mean with provided with a private key?
A smart contract cannot generate a private key and keep it secret. At least i dont see how otherwise amazon would have already been decentralized for the book section


I looked briefly at your “whitepaper” but I find the technical section very lacking. Is it specifically very vague on how exactly you’re implementing the mixer?
I’m comparing you directly to VOID protocol as it seems like you’re serving somewhat the same purpose, however, they have very explicitly stated that they are implementing Zero Knowledge proof cryptography.

Are you doing something similar, or do you have some actual technical documentation on how this is implemented in Terrnado?


Perfectly phrased: I also would like to see the ZK part mentioned and explained and check the testing level. The whitepaper requires a certain level of precision as the tech used it is a quite complex one.