Unlock all pools

The market is super volatile and the capacity of LFG to keep the peg and maintain anchor rewards is wishful thinking. Most of us here are investors into pylon and other protocols, because we believe in the projects being built, but I think it’s time to open our eyes.

Please vote so that we can still have a chance in the future.


with the untimely happenings in the market. we should unlock all the pools immediatley.

Agreed, All pools and Staking to be instant. The Terra ecosystem is going to have a hard reset. Let people pull out what they have left.

I hope so, but there is 0.28% vote for no? Why, any reason? We should unlock our ust asap.

btw, the voting time is too long, should be shorten to 1-3 days. Otherwise our ust may be 0 soon.

$WHALE pools not unlocked yet and some pool rewards does not seem to be release after withdrawal

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Is there anything known about ust refunds? Why is pylon team not responding?

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