veMINE - With boosties Tokenomic discussion

Here’s the idea: we switch MINE over to the voting escrow token model (ve). In order to lock up a much higher percentage of the total supply of mine. Currently only 24% of MINE is staked, compared to Prism where nearly 90% is staked, and Astroport where 78% is staked. We can set up boosties or reward gauges that would be applied to all new pylon gateway pools. Where depositors can earn Pylon tokens + pool tokens.

Pools with MINE boosties applied to them can attract more user deposits, thus generating more yield for the development team’s. Project teams could offer bribes to MINE gov stakers to vote on their pools to get the boosties.

With Reactor Money and Helm Protocol - Starting the veToken wars, we could offer these projects another token to buy up.

Link to Anchor’s ve proposal