We have made a video on Pylon protocol!

glad to be part of the community and let me know if you have any feedback on our Pylon video!

Hi! I’m Jina from Terra Movie Club, a Terra NFT project combining love of Terra and movie.

Our proposal for lossless NFT raffle pools on Pylon has passed last week and we are happy to be part of this community. Terra Movie Club Lossless NFT Raffle Pools on Pylon

This week, we have created little video on Pylon protocol (Terra Luna Explained by a Corn NFT : what is Pylon protocol? (ft. Ok-nim) - YouTube) as part of the Terra Luna Explained tutorials we’ve been creating. It is not yet fully public on YouTube. We wanted to share in this forum first, and listen to any feedback you might have

We started creating these contents because our community is pretty diverse and has quite a lot of members joining from non-crypto background, and wanted to make onboarding experience as easy possible for the beginners.

Thanks for reading and happy to be here :blush: