[Website Bug] Wallet Address Link

The “View on TerraFinder” link in the wallet menu links the address to the explorer transaction lookup page, not the address lookup page. Quick fix to improve the UX.

Another one: ‘View on TerraFinder’ of buyback history is linked to the block, not to the contract itself.

Can you describe more about it? is there an address lookup page in Terra Finder?

Our indexer stores only block information. Sorry for your inconvenience, our team is working on it.

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The finder URL would be finder.terra.money/columbus-5/address/terra1111111111111/

It’s already link to there, can you check it again?

It didn’t when I posted this, but it changed a few days ago. Someone must’ve changed it already.

I can see that it is only showing the block info (number) now. I appreciate for updating it, but it would be better if

  1. it can show the exact contract to claim better transparency on the buyback as a suggestion.
  2. you can put some post/comment on the matter that you have resolved based on the suggestion/proposal made here to avoid any misunderstanding (which I or other comment makers were saying something stupid.)

I agree that @carter 's comment implies there were never problems. I.e “user error”. The link I reported as broken was definitely broken. Implying it wasn’t suggests either no one knows what any one else is doing or the team can’t handle constructive criticism, both of which are concerning. If something was fixed as a result of a comment or post here then please say so, so the community can feel like it’s part of the team and we’re all pulling in the same direction.

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