Weekly claims of Pylon Pool tokens

I would like to put forth a suggestion of weekly claims for Pylon pool tokens and an option to unlock the UST locked up in these pools post an X(2-3 days) amount of unlock duration. This would give the liberty for users to make use of the locked UST if they require while also earning some yield while keeping it locked up.

Instead of weekly reward token unlocks, we could also automatically allocate the locked reward tokens to governance staking pools for those tokens, so token balances are somewhat inflation protected. Have a look here: Auto staking for pool rewards - #8 by bettercio.

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Good suggestion to maximize yield for pylon pool. My concern to be honest is the long lock in periods and reward claim duration. Is it possible for protocols to give depositors aUST?

The Pylon Pool token provides the same utility as being able to unlock your UST. I am unsure why this would also be needed.

Not really sure of what pylon pool token you’re talking about. You mean the protocol token we get for locking the UST? In that case it’s claimable only after a month and the UST is locked for 3-12 months. Was suggesting if we could make it either liquid or daily or weekly claims of protocol tokens

This post (and now governance vote) presents a solutions to what you are talking about

On the contrary I’m not sure why you would need a pylon pool token when aUST is essentially the same thing. Imo the pylon pool token brings unnecessary complexity.