Welcome to the Pylon Forum

Welcome to the Pylon Protocol Forum, a public forum dedicated to discussing all things related to Pylon Protocol and its platforms, including Pylon Gateway (token launchpad). This is a collaborative place to share interesting ideas and get feedback about any proposals that you may have.

All well-reasoned discussions regarding Pylon Protocol and its applications is welcome. Some of the topics we would like to focus on are:

Core: a forum for users to voice ideas about the underlying yield redirection protocol itself and suggest improvements to the infra layer.

Gateway: a forum for both projects (to pitch proposals to run on Gateway) and users (to voice ideas and project launch parameters to provide value to MINE stakers).

Community Fund: a forum for third party developers and teams to propose usage of the MINE community grant to integrate Pylon’s yield redirection SDK and provide significant value to stakers.

If you are new to Pylon, please make sure to read through the official Pylon documentation before joining the discussion.

The following resources will also be helpful:

Website: pylon.money/
Github: github.com/pylon-protocol
Docs: docs.pylon.money/
Twitter: twitter.com/pylon_protocol
Telegram: t.me/pylon_protocol

This is not the place for:

Announcements. For that, visit t.me/PylonProtocolAnnouncements
Personal tech questions or issue reports. For that, visit t.me/pylon_protocol

Last but not least, please be respectful. We will not tolerate any insults, racism, harassment or threats against members. Let’s focus on quality discussions and construct additional pylons.


Is this an official channel for discussion? Or is there any other?