Wow...14 hours-old proposal on this forum is put for governance vote

Seriously? come on.
The proposal was just made yesterday in this forum…Let us have some time to think and discuss first…


i will vote no. Motivation: too short discussion and analysis.
i see a lot of cons too but the main problem now is that a proposal cannot go directly in the governance.

I would like also to know from whom come the proposal: i mean does he implement it? how log it takes? what is the benefit? There are so many low hanging fruit in pylon to be taken. At least, just in gateway, i see a double in the locked amount thanks to new projects. We all know what this means.

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I already voted to “No,” but…I think the governance system is not that matured here yet.
The problem now is that once the proposal is passed. Let’s see how things are handled.

I believe its been submitted by the Nexus team themselves. I agree the timeline of posting on the forum at the same time as putting up the vote is not ideal. But the idea is at least prompting some good discussion and hopefully Nexus will be open to tweaking the pool based on feedback if the proposal passes.


Do you have any source that the wallet address “terra1g75270yysdhh87kgc2arrhl03qhpps6hmet859” belongs to the Nexus team? Even though it is one of them, it is clearly nonsense or not a behavior of good manner to put the vote without any notice or participation of discussion how it will affect to Pylon protocol.

I have been in contact with Nexus Protocol. The proposal is indeed from their team. The reason for not disclosing who they were was to encourage open and honest discussion, something I actually think is a great idea. Unfortunately it had unintended consequences with how everything played out.

I’d say continue the discussion in the original post, as many of you have asked valid questions. Now that we know Nexus Protocol are willing to partake in this experiment, I think it presents a unique option to try something different. From this we can learn and adjust. Let’s build on the already established discussions in the original post to see if we can evolve the idea even further :slightly_smiling_face:.

Hi Woody,
I appreciate for your effort to regulate between the community and the developers.
Can you ask them to allow us to do the same on their governance just after a week it is built?
It can be very interesting/valuable experience for them to learn how the governance can be impaired by exciting experiment made by other protocol.

And both of us should remember that there are many exciting experience in the world, but some of them ask us to sign on some documents that we certainly understand the risks related to the action we make. Before putting everyone in this protocol into a risk/uncertainty, it is very reasonable to explain/discuss about the risk the proposal contains, and find the solution, and get the agreement with sufficient time, not in 14 hours.

What makes me more emotional is that they are not coming with apology or explanation by themselves, which means they do not feel any sorry about this situation. They should be aware of the voting procedure may not be that reasonable since it is very initial stage of the governance, and they did it. I think this impairment of governance system should be compensated by any form.

Hey Psychoet,

I can appreciate the frustration around the time frame between the proposal and the vote. I too felt rushed and caught off guard by it. I would have preferred more time to talk things through and potentially edit/brainstorm the proposal before seeing the vote go live. That said, we do have several days before the vote ends, hopefully most of us are on the same page by then.

I see that the proposal is from nexus and will be sponsored by them. Then let’s give it a try…
For a project already with tge could inject additional money fast without having immediate inflation and keeping the inflation partially in the pool nX - X.
Also pylon could strongly benefit as many other project already in the market could think about the option.
post IDO approach looks very reasonable

They could come with clear explanation on their affiliation and intention behind when they first make the proposal. It would even give better impression and credit to the people here, at least to myself.
Maybe they wanted to go through a tough challenge from governance forum, then what was the reason/intention they put it for a vote after 14 hours the proposal is made? Full of non-sense to me.

As you can see from Nickname: Psycho + E.T. (extraterrestrial), I am a lunatic alien. So please understand my frustration is expressed in a sharp tone.

I hope this kind of situation will never happen again. It feels like being mocked while being manipulated.

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I also didnt like the approach.
But after thinking the idea is good. basically when psi falls you mint in gateway and arbitrage. I let it to bots and stake mine :-).
I feel that for real pre ido gateway is a solution worth to try and pylon is testing different launchpads too.
Let psi take the risk and giving the code: I guess they will load some mine too.


I don’t agree with putting topics to a gov vote so fast, and also yes it would have been good to lead with “Disclaimer - I am employed by Nexus Protocol”.

However as the proposal is only for Nexus pool currently, it seems fine to me as if we say no, there may be no Nexus pool at all. Why not run the experiment on a willing participant and see how it goes before deciding how other new non-Nexus pools are run?