Yield Redirection Pools to DCA into tokens

Would there be value in creating a dollar cost averaging [DCA] pool that you deposit UST and it purchases tokens with yield at market prices with different cadences (e.g. daily/weekly/monthly)? I like the theory of DCA, but the practice of it is a bit tedious to do so this would help automate the process.

If proven out with some core tokens (e.g. luna, anc, mir…), this could be part of the value proposition to launch with pylon. (e.g. only protocols that launch with pylon will get this type of pool and you could get constant buy pressure from it). Plus $mine stakers would benefit as a portion of that yield could go to buy-back $MINE.



I like this idea, I would use such a tool!

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I really like this idea too. A regular investment plan. I would couple this with the general idea of a percentage of non-MINE stakers yield from the pool being used to supplement the yield of MINE stakers in the same pool, creating a higher return for MINE stakers.

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Apparently this is already a thing?


Nice! I that’s super exciting and I can’t wait for it.

Great idea, I could see plenty of people using this!

+1. I think this is a great idea. I like Crypto Harry’s name for it, Pylon Harbour, as well… With the Brit spelling… yes yes… has my vote… Wen official proposal up for vote?